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Jean Donati Acupuncture is in the process of being credentialed with the major insurance carriers. Credentialing information will be updated when available.

  • Humana effective 6/1/22
  • Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield effective 6/15/22


Did you know…
Many insurance companies cover some or all of the cost of Acupuncture treatments?

Each insurance company is different. Here are some questions to ask prior to your treatment:

  • Do you cover Acupuncture
  • For what conditions
  • What is my deductible
  • How many sessions are covered
  • Is a referral needed

For those insurance companies that are still in the credentialing process or for which I am an out of network provider: I do provide all the information needed in order for you to submit the claim to your insurance company.

You provide payment upfront, and I give you a “superbill” with the  ICD10 codes and CPT codes needed for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

I accept cash, check, venmo and credit card payments.




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