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Acupuncture to Ease Pain and Improve Health

Acupuncture and Pulse Diagnosis

In Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, energy is known as Qi, (chee) and it flows through the body in pathways called meridians.  Now imagine a river that is flowing along on a crisp spring day.  There is nothing that is in its way, the river can move freely.  All is well in the river world.

What happens if a storm (in weather or life) causes a few trees to block the river?  What happens to the flow of the river?  It can become weak or nonexistent.  There is little or no free movement.  The river must go somewhere or it will stagnate.  So, it either backs up at another spot along its path or creates a new path to  create flow.  Our bodies do the same thing with energy. There are twelve main pathways (rivers) of energy in the body.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture seeks to keep the pathways of energy in the body clear and free flowing.  Often times we hear the phrase: “When the energy is free flowing there is no pain.  When there is pain the energy is not free flowing”.

But what are we actually doing?  How does acupuncture work?  How do we make a decision on which acupuncture points are needed to decrease pain or stress, depression or chronic illnesses and increase health?

First, what are the tools?  We observe color of the face, sound of the voice, odor, emotion, the appearance of the tongue and the feel of the pulses.  These are the observable traits we use to determine the condition of the patient and what pathway or element may be out of balance. These tools, when examined together with their interconnectedness help an acupuncturist to develop a treatment plan for your care.

I want to focus today on reading or feeling of the pulses. The sense of touch is one way that allows the acupuncturist to determine how the energy is flowing through the pathways, known as meridians in the body.  When I feel the pulses at your wrist, I am looking into the health each of the 12 pathways or meridians of energy.  I feel six pulses on each wrist.  3 of them are superficial pulses and 3 are deep pulses.  I am determining the nature of the energy flow in the meridians or pathways, and determining if there are any blockages to that flow that need to be addressed. I am also looking into the connection of that pulse with the other energy pathways or pulses.

This gives me information about how each pulse, which relates to a specific organ system, is responding to the internal and external demands of life.  I am determining the root cause of your imbalance or pain.  All this data helps me to know where to put the needles to help you feel better. Restoring the flow of energy in the pathways or meridians can decrease pain, and improve health.   From there, I can develop a plan to safely and effectively correct the imbalances in the pulses or flow of energies that are resulting in pain, discomfort, or mental and physical distress.

According to Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, the Liver pathway feeds the Lung pathway.  If the Liver pathway is blocked, a person may experience frustration or be easily irritated. There could be visual problems, muscle pain or anger.   Since energy is not moving properly from the Liver pathway to the Lung pathway, symptoms such as difficulty breathing, hopelessness or depression could also be present.  By unclogging the log jam in the Liver pathway, acupuncture can relieve the symptoms of frustration, irritability, pain, visual disturbance, headaches, and muscle pain.  When the energy is moving smoothly from the Liver to the Lung pathway, depression, hopelessness and breathing can improve as well.  Clearing the blockage, restores the correct flow of energy helping the patient return to a more relaxed pain- free state of body, mind, and spirit.

An acupuncturist uses all of their senses to evaluate and develop a plan to heal and improve the health and well-being of patients.  If you want to learn more about acupuncture and pain, pulses and energy and specifically what your pulses have been up to lately, why not schedule an acupuncture appointment at my Towson office today.

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